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MAYR Torque Limiters Model ROBA Contitorque Duta Perkasa

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20 / 12 / 2019
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CV. DUTA PERKASA berpusat di Surabaya, Indonesia adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang industrial supply dan solusi, produk kami terdiri dari Electric Motor, Vibrator Motor, Gear Motor, Gearbox, Coupling, Clutch & Brakes, Pumps, Chain Hoist & produk industrial lainnya.

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Detail MAYR Torque Limiters Model ROBA Contitorque Duta Perkasa

MAYR Torque Limiters Model ROBA Contitorque Duta Perkasa
If you require wear-free and reliable torque limitation, the ROBA®-contitorque continuous slip clutch and brake is your ideal partner. Contrary to friction type clutches the torque is transmitted contactlessly via magnetic forces. Characteristics and advantages of the ROBA®-contitorque:
- contactless torque transmission
- excellent torque repetitive accuracy
- precise torque limitation
- free of wear –no contamination due to abrasion
- maintenance-free
- load holding
- applicable as clutch or brake
- compact design
- robust bearing
- easy graduated torque adjustment with direct torque indication
- low weight and mass moment of inertia 
Function in smooth operation
The ROBA®-contitorque synchronously transmits the set torque from an input shaft to an output element, which can be attached to the clutch flange (Fig. 1). Here, the operational torque TB is below the limit torque Tg of the clutch (Fig. 2). The torque is transmitted contactlessly via magnetic forces, which are generated by permanent magnets, and which magnetise hysteresis material.
Function in case of overload
If the operational torque TB exceeds the set limit torque Tg the clutch slips, i.e. input and output components rotate to each other with a relative speed ns, the so-called slip speed (Fig. 2). The hysteresis material is constantly magnetised and demagnetised and the clutch becomes warm. The torque is transmitted asynchronously. The clutch torque TK also remains on the level of the set limit torque Tg in case of overload. The set limit torque Tg also increases with increasing relative speeds due to eddy-current effects (Fig. 3). Contact the manufacturer as to exact values for Tg and torque characteristic of the clutch. After removal of the overload, the relative speed ns returns to zero and the torque is again synchronously transmitted between input and output components.
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